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Keynote Address at the Phi Theta Kappa induction ceremony on March 9, 2009:
“Lessons Learned in School and in Life”

Notes for 3/6/14 presentation at the BCC Humanities Research Seminar: The Ontological Argument Revisited
See also the ppt under the PowerPoints tab.

Fundamentals of Modern Logic (Hayden-McNeil, 2002)
The Message of the Bible: An Orthodox Christian Perspective (St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1990).
On Shankara (Cengage, 2003).
The Philosophical Anthropology of George Herbert Mead (Peter Lang, 1987).

Onsite Materials:
Poetry? [needs updating]
George Herbert Mead: Dictionary of Literary Biography
George Herbert Mead: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
James and the Problem of Intersubjectivity
Mechanistic-Matrialism and Genesis of Modern Skepticism
Notes on Aristotle
Notes on the Nature of Religion
Notes on Russell, The Problems of Philosophy
Notes on Sartre
A Philosophical Rationale for General Education
Philosophy and Logic: The Process of Correct Reasoning
Philosophy & Religion in the Community College
Review: McCagney’s Nagarjuna and the Philosophy of Openness
Russell & Strawson on the Nature of Reference
Shankara’s World View
Should We Care About Future Generations?
A Symbolic Interactionist Account of the Process of Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy Paper updated: Fall 2010 NJ Regional Philosophical Assn Conference
Symbolic Interactionism: A Left-Meadian Interpretation
Teaching Philosophy in the Community College
The Theology of St. Paul
What Do the Mormons Believe?

Anthologies (including translations)
Readings in Philosophy: Eastern & Western Sources. (General Editor: George Cronk; Associate Editors: Tobyn De Marco, Peter Dlugos, and Paul Eckstein) Hayden-McNeil, 2d ed., 2004.
Philosophy East & West: Classical & Modern Sources. Harcourt, 2000.
Readings in Eastern Philosophy. Harcourt Brace, 2d ed., 1999.
Eight Philosophical Classics. (Translations). Harcourt Brace, 2d ed., 1998.

Educational Reports
General Education Reform at BCC, 1982-87 (Princeton/ERIC) – a classic :)

My (step)brother, Rafael “Ralphie” Soria (†), was an important person and public figure in Paterson. He was once interviewed at length for a scholarly project about the City and its people. This is one of the sound files (one I like a lot).

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