Another ride on the migraine aura

At the computer. A knock at the front door. I go to the door. The mailman has delivered a package. I pick it up and begin to feel “weird” – weirder than usual. :) I go out to the mailbox and find several envelopes. I look at them and cannot grasp what is printed on them. I realize that I am again in the grip an ophthalmic migraine. I go back in and back to the computer. I look at the document on the screen that I had been reading. The lines are now doubled up and bouncing.

My ophthalmic migraines are accompanied by two kinds of hallucinations: (1) I see things that are not “there” objectively; and (2) I see objects that are there but appear divided into separate parts. Today, it’s (1) – vibrating/undulating transparent geometrical shapes, usually circles. Today, it’s a suggestion of a circle.

In a mild panic, I take a propranolol supplement and go into the bedroom and lie down, do some yogic breathing, and try to relax. Calm down. Calm down.

It passes. I feel a bit drained. But the “weirdness” and the hallucination are gone. After a while, I sit up and compose this message.

I don’t usually have headaches with my migraines – only once in a while. No headache today.

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