Inexplicable Violence

Another old memory:

C. 1960. Greenwich Village. Bleeker street bistro/coffee shop. I and a couple of buddies standing on the corner. Some motorcycles standing on the sidewalk near the curb.

A convertible with two military guys pulls up and bumps one of the motorcycles, knocking it over. When the bike owner is called out of the shop, eyes blinking in the late afternoon sun, the bigger military guy (hope not a marine), shouting “combat!,” leaps out of the convertible and runs at the much smaller bike owner and pummels him with thunderous blows, sending the little guy bleeding to the sidewalk.

The military giant then jumped back into the convertible, and he and his buddy drove away.
No cops on the scene. All there were stunned and dumbfounded. Several there gave some assistance to the little bearded biker. He was no Hell’s Angel….