Anti-Utopian Thoughts

Liberté, égalité, fraternité? No way.

Fraternity (and sorority) is/are BS, and liberty and equality are either in contradiction to or at least in serious tension with each other. The ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity are politically naïve, unrealistic.

The concept of liberty is negative; it is a demand that the individual shall be free from restraint. In the actual political world, where there is a conflict of wills, the concept of liberty falls into contradiction with itself. The liberty of one individual or group very often infringes upon the freedom of another individual or group.

The concept of equality, which demands that each person shall have the same political (and perhaps economic) standing as every other person, is also far removed from the actual conditions of political and economic life. Any society is a complex organization of many individuals and groups. These individuals and groups possess varying degrees of power and prestige. Given this situation, the concept of equality is at most an ideal to be pursued; but it is not a description of what goes on the in the concrete social world.

Similarly, the ideal of fraternity, the idea of the comradeship of all humanity, is much too vague to be made the basis for the organization of the state. The concept of fraternity ignores the fact that, all too often, people have to depend upon their sense of hostility to other persons in order to identify themselves with their own group.

Just saying….